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Tryckkokare Flex Seal från Moderna Kök AB


Tryckkokare Flex Seal från Moderna Kök AB

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  1. Is this a safe measure and how to use it?

  2. Newer versions of pressure boilers have more safety features, that is for sure. The safety in this model is the weight which regulates the pressure. Newer versions have safety pressure releases.

  3. ettavGudsBarn

    there is also a plastic plug which most likely works like a safety pressure releases.

    im not an expert in any way but i would say that high risk concerns with this one is old and faulty baskets and that its perhaps impossible to buy new ones. and as i have one of these at home, just havent tried it yet, it seems as if the safety lock under the handle can be faulty easily and i really think they are in need of deep inspection and cleaning. for example a lack of cleansed vents can probably be enough for a terrible kitchen.

  4. Hermann Klöckner

    I have an old one but missing weight & valve… would you know a source?

    Best , Hermann

  5. Greetings Hermann,

    Sorry for the delay. I am afraid I do not know where to get one of those.

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